Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Me trying to figure out what to do with the open space?

Broken A/C

Stacks of "good" junk

New sheet rock and insulation

Stuff from shelves no longer on above wall

Trailer full of ruined "junk" going to the dump

Our home while home is wrecked!
I thought you might get a kick out of what we were doing for the holiday. As you may recall, our hot water heater died on Thursday and left us in puddles. Well, if that was not enough we got up on Friday to more puddles as our air conditioner also died and it was right next to our hot water heater. Somehow we made it through Saturday night (the hottest day of the season yet at 96*) and slept at least 4 hours. After Sunday evening (did I mention that I worked Saturday for 9 hours and Sunday for 5 hours all after church), when I got home my DH informed me that now the attic fan had died too! So, we pulled out our camper and turned on the ac in there and slept last night and plan to sleep there tonight until we can get the parts to fix things tomorrow. I am including pix of the whole mess including our camper.  On the bright side, I get to clean up and re-organize again! NOT my strong suit!

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