Monday, July 29, 2013

By the Seashore -- PPA 165


I am back from my vacation to the Florida Keys with my DH. We did a lot of scuba diving and he reached his 500th dive on this trip! I am not far behind but I don't do the 'cold' water diving in the springs like he does. I am a Diva Diver!

So, I was diving and saw a large crab, about 10" body and when I called for Mike to come look I could not find it! As we went on and came back I found it again. It had so many colors on it that it blended into all the coral around it. How cool is that? So, that is where I got my inspiration for this challenge card. In case you don't know, the ocean is also "My Happy Place." Hence, the sentiment.



  1. Judy, I love what you did with this card! No one would know that you used the Holiday Season of Style paper stack for a seaside card-it works perfectly! The only reason I recognized it is because I used it last week for a Christmas Card. Thanks for demonstrating that paper collection's versatility. And thanks for joing us at PPA this week.

  2. Adorable, Judi! I love the colors you used. The little crab image is adorable! Thanks for playing with the Pals at Pals Paper Arts!

  3. Love your colorful crab. And I enjoyed reading about how you were inspired to create this card.