Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Technique Tuesday - Gradation

a scale or a series of successive changes, stages, or degrees.
"within the woodpecker family, there is a gradation of drilling ability"

Now that you know what gradation means you can see it here in this card. I gradually brayered my colors darker and darker towards the left of the card. How is it done? I am going to attempt to explain it to you.
  • Choose your color scheme. I used Pool Party, Coastal Cabana and Island Indigo. 
  • Emboss your layer (should you choose, it is not necessary).
  • Ink your brayer with the lightest color first and go across the page
  • Ink with middle color and bray across card leaving some of the lighter color showing.
  • Ink with darkest color and again bray leaving some of the other 2 colors showing.
  • Voila!
Have fun with it...I know I did and it really does not take long to make a super fun card.

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