Sunday, November 16, 2014

Banner Cut Tips

Banner Cut Tutorial

Banner Cut Tutorial
Banners are a hot trend in paper crafting. They are popular accents and layers on décor, cards, scrapbook pages, and more! Cutting the flag ends of banners so they are even can be a real hassle. But, we’ll save you frustration and share a super trick that will give you quick and even banners with just 3 snips of your scissors!
Banner Cut Tutorial by Class in a Flash
  1. Start by cutting a slit into the center of the narrow end of a card stock or Designer Series Paper strip. You can “eyeball” the center or measure it.Depending on the size of your strip and the angle of the flag end you want, you’ll cut the slit to different lengths.  A 1/2″ slit was cut into this sample 1-1/2” x 3” piece of card stock.
  2. Cut from one corner of the strip in to the top of the slit. A triangle of card stock is removed.Cut from the other corner of the strip to the top of the slit.
  3. You now have a quick and even banner! Make the flag end of the banner deeper or shallower by cutting the first center slit deeper or shorter.

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