Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Frenzy Begins...

Well, the Christmas madness has begun! I hope you will take some advice and try just to relax. I have never felt that the holidays are here just to stress us. I love making things, baking and doing my own cards so I like to start early. Even now, as I post I have already made and addressed my Christmas cards. The shopping is done and I have even shipped gifts. I like to take a little time to sit by the tree, watch some sappy movies and just enjoy life. If you believe like I do, that Jesus is the reason for the season...then do what he would do and enjoy it!

Here is my card for this year. Yes, I cased it and that is ok too! I made 2 versions.

Most friends are getting the Ho! Ho! Ho! version but my mom gets the Naughty or Nice! She will love it!

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